Submitted by admin on 08/05/2019 - 06:51

Lodge Craigielea were up in Aberdeen last weekend to celebrate 25 years of friendship with Lodge St. Clement 688 on Saturday 4th May.

A good number of brethren travelled up to Aberdeen as they have been doing yearly since a friendship was struck between the two lodges, all those years ago.

On the day, the Right Worshipful Master Bro WJ Love headed a deputation into Lodge St Clement to confer an exemplification of a Fellow Craft degree and a very fine harmony was enjoyed by all later in the evening.

The RWM and brethren of  Craigielea  thank the RWM and brethren of Lodge St Clement for thier warm welcome, generosity and first class hospitality which is always the case whenever we visit and look forward to being in each others company again soon.